Aboriginal Safari Tours

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Aboriginal Safari Tours

The Australian government and the tour operators have added Aboriginal safari tours to enhance the tourism and to promote life and culture of the Aborigines. These tours include beautiful flora and fauna as well as wild life habitats.

The Aboriginal safari tours usually are Safari camping tours which operate in the dry season between April and September. These camping tours cover the whole of Kimberley and provide the tourists with all the meals, vehicles and camping equipments.

The land of tour sprawls across 96000 square kilometers and it is a paradise for the wild. The Aborigines own this land and you will only be allowed permit to enter which they issue. The land’s original inhabitants protect some of the world’s oldest rock paintings and one of the largest national parks in the world for posterity. This land features wildlife in abundance like the migrating birds, the Sea Eagles, Barramundi, the Australian alligator, Brolgas, Jabirus and many more. It also features beautiful landscapes and history of the Aborigines.

The history further includes few oldest rock art creations, the 50 foot long Rainbow Serpent, the bones of ancestral burials and prolific paintings. The list of wild life is also huge which even includes the lizards, water buffalo, gigantic crocodiles, black footed rock wallaby, and dingoes.

The types of tours available

The Aboriginal safari tours include the following tours:

The Wundargoodie tours which provides meals, vehicles and camping equipment with professional guidance. It is an informative 10-day trip where you will be taught on how to make boomerangs and spears, catching crabs and cooking them and how to find your way with the help of the stars.

The Mt Borradaile Safari camp, which includes camping in the wilderness, the art and culture around the Mt Borradaile area and a journey to the wetlands by private boat cruise. The tour length is flexible as per requirement.

The Bodeidei Safari camp, which takes 4 days and 3 nights, includes a trip to the Arnhem Land, view bushwalk and billabong, arrange picnic in midst of gorges waterfalls, tent accommodation, all meals, personal guides and good transportation. This tour takes place between May and September.

The Kakadu Art and Wildlife tour includes visit places to view few major rock arts, natural stone galleries, paintings and structure of human beings and animals, wild life include large crocodiles, birds, and rivers of alligators. This trip provides meals, transport, guides and accommodation. It is a small tour of just one day. It covers up to the floodplains in the south and the wetlands in Mamukala with few more birds and animals to view.

Let me remind you of the compulsory things that you need to keep in these tours, which are the walking shoes, hat and sunscreen, insect repellent, and water bottle.

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