Aboriginal Rock Art Tours

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Aboriginal Rock Art Tours

The Australian tourism is trying to promote the Aborigines and the Aboriginal Rock Art tours, the oldest inhabitants of Australia. They are the local tribal group and one of the oldest found on earth. They came to Australia at the time of Ice age and settled here permanently. Recently the tour operators of Australia have included this amazing tribe in their schedule such that the world gets to know more about them and their culture.

The Aborigines were very creative in nature and they have narrated their creations through the rock art form. You will be amazed to see the type of paintings they have carved on the cave walls. It depicts their social life style, their belief, family, as well as their philosophy. You will also get an opportunity to collect pictures and other information of the paintings that are more than 40000 thousand years old.

The Aboriginal art included only natural colours and resources and is scattered across Australia. The best Aboriginal Rock Art tours include the Sydney Rock Engravings in New South Wales, the Panaramitee rock art in Central Australia and the Murujuga in Western Australia.

The Murujuga has the largest collection of rock art in the world. It includes Thylacine and petroglyphs, pictures of ancient animals. The Sydney Rock Art is unique in its own ways with beautiful carved figures of humans, symbolism and animals.

The Rock art tours

The Great Tour of Emu will show you three finest cave arts accompanied by professional guides. This tour is meant for people of all ages and the journey is mostly on car.

If you want to experience more sites, The Rainbow Serpent Tour is what you are looking for. It includes six rock art sites and involves climbing and walking. The duration of the tour is 4 hours.

The Quinkan Rock Art Tour will show you Australia and the aboriginal Rock art quite extensively. It includes rainforests, rock art, as well as safari. The duration is of 3 days and is not suitable for kids under 7 years of age.

The Gwion Gwion art tour includes nature sights, rock art caves, wild safaris and many more. The duration of the tour is 1 day.

The Fly-Fly rock art tour includes a return flight to Cooktown, Lunch at Nature Power House Museum and the Rainbow Serpent. The duration is of 1day.

The Aboriginal Rock Art tours involve risks which are part of the voyage. You should be slightly fit, alert and understand circumstance of the situation. The authority will take every measure to cut down the possibilities or chances of risks. They will undertake the necessary precautions.

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