Aboriginal Art & Cultural Tours

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Aboriginal Art and Cultural Tours

Aboriginal tours in Australia break away from the mainstream travel options and help you to explore Australia and its culture in a new and truly adventurous manner. There are a number of travel and tour operators through Australia that helps you to uncover the tradition and culture of the country and lets you to learn much more about this oldest living culture of the world.

Travellers interested in the culture can visit the remote art regions of Arnhem Land and Katherine. Here you will be able to uncover the technique of transforming story into exquisite art. There are indigenous festivals held throughout the Northern Territory, where the Aboriginal communities open their doors to the travellers and other people who are interested to explore their culture.

The activities that are held in these festivals will allow you to understand the culture of the people. The festivals hold art sales and auctions, bush tucker displays. Traditional music and dancing – all these add to the feel and excitement of the experience.

There are a number of tour operators throughout Australia who will arrange Aboriginal tours for you. These operators offer a number of itineraries – each catering to your specific need and requirements.

If you are interested in collecting aboriginal arts, you can look for an operator that helps you with all the travel details. For about AUD$8,600.00 per person, you can book a fully escorted trip for five days, that will take you to visit the four Arnhemland Art Centres. In addition, local hosts will help you to learn a wealth of details about the aboriginal art and culture.

This ‘Collect Aboriginal Art’ programme will help you to spend your time in the very place where these arts are produced, thus giving you an insider’s view into their style. You can directly buy your art from the community art centres that help to develop local talent.

You will find some of the most successful aboriginal arts in and around the Red Centre. Here, you can discover the transition of Aboriginal art from caves to the canvas. The local galleries in Alice Springs will add further to your over all experience of the Aboriginal art of Australia.

To experience the art and culture of the Aborigines even more, you can visit the Alice Desert Festival that will be held between September 10 and 19, 2010. The festival will showcase the arts of the region and will also feature dance and music, thus giving you a taste of the Aboriginal culture. You can also visit the Barunga Cultural and Sports Festival between June 11 and 14, 2010 or the Stone Country Festival that will be held sometime around August 28, 2010.

If you want a first hand experience of the culture and art of the Aborigines, take a tour of the special festivals that are held throughout Australia.

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